Massage Therapy Mississauga

Massage Therapy Mississauga

If employed correctly as a tool, massage therapy in Mississauga can establish a sustainable foundation to improve functional health. It’s one of the standard techniques we incorporate in our functional movement interventions here at My Health. Let’s analyze some of the pluses of using this system in movement rehabilitation therapy.

Using therapeutic massage for pain management

First, we want to highlight that therapeutic massage has a high efficacy and success rate in our practice. Employing this framework, we can harness robust regenerative healing through tissue manipulation. Furthermore, we incorporate this technique as a core component across a range of integrative treatment approaches.

We recommend deep tissue massage for:

  • Sports injuries
  • occupational injuries
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Mental fatigue
  • Physical fatigue
  • Repetitive strain injury or RSI

Different types of therapeutic massages target pain points uniquely, and our certified practitioners utilize a variety of technical modalities. Our team has a pristine track record for integrating therapeutic massage as part of functional movement rehabilitation to enhance health. It is a powerful pain reliever that can soothe chronic pain and release muscle tension incited by stress.

How effective is massage therapy for low back pain?

We highly recommend massage therapy in Mississauga for a spectrum of dysfunctional movement syndromes because of its tissue-targeting ability. Auto accidents often cause some degree of injury or trauma to the body that may onset painful muscle patterning. Although it is prevalent in auto accident cases, different kinds of occupational stresses can trigger a similar symptom.

Massage can boost serotonin and endorphin production, which are both crucial in the pain management process. These help to regulate stress hormones such as cortisol, which plays an instrumental role in pain response. Our massage therapists use tissue manipulation techniques to alleviate muscle tension associated with nerve sensations and blood vessel compression.

Deep tissue massage therapy for chronic pain

With this technique, we target and manipulate the soft tissue structures of the muscles. Our attending massage therapist will use deep finger pressure and slow stroke techniques to activate a biochemical healing response. Besides a standard deep tissue massage, we do stretching exercises and trigger point therapy that specifically targets the joints.

Treatment outcomes:

  • Improved range-of-motion (ROM)
  • Toxin release
  • Muscle repair 
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Release stiff muscles
  • Improve blood circulation

Why is massage therapy consultation so important?

In this field, we come across all types of cases; some are acute, while others qualify as everyday emergencies. As a rehabilitation facility that strives for excellence, we maintain the highest standards of precision. Our consultation sessions serve as an introductory phase of our preliminary investigation.

An interview allows us to get a rhythm of the potential patient’s health history. For those in long-term care, we require written consent from the practitioner before administering massage therapy. We offer hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, myofascial and stretch mobilization, Swedish massage as well as deep tissue therapies.

Ash Soliman and Klara Ric are our two board-certified practitioners offering massage therapy in Mississauga. Learn more about their specialty at My Health or book a free consultation session today via telehealth. Our hotlines are (905) 271 - 9333/ (905) 953 5000.

Massage Therapy Mississauga

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Massage Therapy Mississauga
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