Sciatic Nerve Relief Chandler

Sciatic Nerve Relief Chandler Are you looking for sciatic nerve relief in the Chandler area? Come to the Triad Pain Management Clinic and get relief from what is considered one of the most painful conditions one can endure.

If you have questions about your sciatic nerve pain, Triad Clinic has answers. Their team offers a comprehensive approach to finding solutions to your pain, starting with a through evaluation of your medical history, a complete physical examination and a review of your medical records to determine exactly what is causing your pain. With an accurate diagnosis of where your pain is stemming from, an effective treatment plan can be implemented to bring about the results you desire.

Your sciatic nerve relief evaluation and examination in Chandler may consist of one or more of the following:

- Assessment for acute and chronic pain
- Determination for acute and chronic medicine management
- A balance vestibular evaluation to check for dizziness and balance
- Chiropractic evaluation
- Functional capacity exam
- Neurological assessment
- Orthotic assessment
- Physical Therapy
- Non-surgical orthopedics
- Evaluation for personal injury including a slip and fall or a motor vehicle accident
- Selective Functional Movement Assessment
- Work Injury or Worker’s Compensation evaluation
- Manipulation under anesthesia
- Independent medical exam
- Interventional pain management

Medical management certainly falls under the headline of Triad Clinic’s multi-disciplinary approach. To achieve sciatic nerve relief, the Chandler pain management team may determine that medication management may provide the favorable results you’re looking for. If your pain management team recommends that you are treated with medicine management, you will be closely monitored to ensure you are responding favorably to the treatment.

Intervention injections are also able to provide sciatic nerve relief for Chandler residents. Medial branch blocks can temporarily disrupt the pain signals from being carried from specific facet joints to the brain, providing much-needed relief from pain stemming from various conditions. The Triad Pain Management Clinic also offers trigger point injections, facet joint injections, sacroiliac injections, peripheral nerve blocks and steroid treatments.

If your pain calls for a procedure, you can rest easy knowing your in the best possible hands in Chandler, AZ. The experts in the Triad Clinic are able to perform ablations, facet radio-frequency neurotomy (a non-invasive treatment), diagnostic discographies, discectomy, or the removal of herniated disc material, and with an implanted spinal cord stimulator device trial that can often eliminate pain in the lower back and sciatic nerve.

Schedule your consultation at the Sciatic Nerve Relief Center in Chandler by calling 480-413-0586 or go online to, where you’ll find a wealth of information on pain management services provided by the experts at the Triad Pain Management Clinic. Read about services and pain treatments available, therapy services offered, and new treatments like Manipulation under anesthesia, and Triad team’s own Shoulder Manipulation Release Technique, an entirely new treatment option.

Triad Clinic also provides consultation services, independent medical examinations, record reviews, impairment rating exams and trial testimonies. Visit online to discover how Triad Clinic can provide you with sciatic nerve relief in their Chandler office. Sciatic Nerve Relief Chandler

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Sciatic Nerve Relief Chandler
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