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physical therapy Irvine California

Performance Chiropractic in Irvine, California offers Physical Therapy for residents who are looking for professional diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury or disability. As primary health care professionals, their PT team combines in-depth knowledge of how the human body works with specialized hands-on clinical skill and exceptional experience to provide the best service possible to the community.


Whether you’ve been injured or are interested in improving your performance, Performance Chiropractic offers a full range of specific rehabilitation and strengthening services, including the following:


- Accurate diagnosis on patient fitness level

- Unique rehabilitation and strengthening approach to specific injuries

- Recreational therapy

- Personalized rehabilitation programs


Always with your independence in mind, the Irvine, California Physical Therapy team has a prime goal to restore, maintain and maximize your strength, function, movement and overall well-being. The team will prescribe personalized therapeutic exercises and provide you with essential education about your body, what keeps it from moving sell, how to restore mobility and independence, and how to avoid or prevent bodily injury.


Irvine, California Physical Therapy is different for every person, however, your personal therapeutic treatment plan will involve, education, exercise, and manual therapy components. Depending on your condition, this may involve mobilization, manual therapy, work hardening, techniques and modalities to reduce pain, acupuncture, corrective techniques to improve heart and lung function and cardiac conditioning, demonstration of therapeutic exercise, and imparting knowledge about your condition, treatment plan and prognosis for getting better.


There are many benefits to receiving physical therapy; some of them include:


- The ability to reduce or completely eliminate pain is perhaps one of the greatest benefits associated with physical therapy. Many hands-on treatments can greatly relieve pain and help to restore muscle and joint function. Often, on-going PT can keep pain from returning.


- Often enough, surgery can be avoided by eliminating pain and healing injury. In the event that surgery is eventually necessary, you may indeed benefit from pre and post-surgery physical therapy.


- Physical therapy can greatly improve mobility. If you’re having difficulty in standing, walking, moving joints of muscles, PT can be a great way to increase your ability to get around.


- Recovery from stroke is very often dependent upon proper physical therapy to strengthen the parts of the body that were weakened by stroke, and to help improve balance in general.


- Professional and amateur athletes find that physical therapy is key in preventing and recovering from sports injury. 


If you’re looking for an effective way to manage pain and live life free of medications, physical therapy is the answer. The Irvine, California Physical Therapy team can offer treatments that include:


- Exercise programs 

- Joint manipulation

- Muscle re-education

- Hot and cold packs, and electro-therapy

- Clearance techniques

- Airway

- Assistance with use of aids


By combining the principles of evidence-informed practice, evaluative skills, and clinical and professional judgment, your physiotherapist will work closely with you, and often with other health care professionals, to ensure that your health goals are achieved.


For more information, contact Performance Chiropractic by calling 949-476-1250. The Irvine, California Physical Therapy team is looking forward to meeting you wherever you are on your journey to better health.




physical therapy Irvine California

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physical therapy Irvine California
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