Holistic Doctor Murray UT

Holistic Doctor Murray UT

Bryan Turner at Wellness and Rehab Clinic is a preeminent holistic doctor in Murray, UT, with hundreds of positive reviews. Our team of clinicians specializes in family medicine, diet and lifestyle, brain care, pediatrics, chiropractic medicine, and several other fields.

What is holistic medicine? 

It is a whole-body treatment approach that aims to improve overall health and wellness through body, mind, and soul-focused procedures. Holistic medicine combines practices from traditional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine. Your physician may customize your treatment plan based on your unique health demands.

Different types of practitioners offer various holistic medicine practices and some are doctors with a medical degree, while others hold licenses to practice holistic medicine only. Using holistic medicine to complement traditional medical care can help you garner the best treatment outcome in a multitude of situations.

What does a holistic doctor do that a traditional doctor doesn’t?

Traditional doctors focus on treating your symptoms and provide medical solutions to manage or overcome a disease or illness. On the other hand, holistic doctors treat physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances using a structured and integrative treatment.

Holistic practitioners attempt to find the cause behind your chronic illness rather than using temporary fixes to resolve your symptoms. Holistic doctors may recommend nutrition and lifestyle changes and prescribe natural remedies to overcome your health ailment and the underlying issue(s) responsible. The expert may ask you to attend multiple sessions to help you garner the full benefits of the holistic treatment. Our holistic wellness and rehab clinic reduces our patients' reliance on prescription medications and helps them lead an improved lifestyle via natural alternatives.

Top reasons to choose alternative health care in Murray, UT

Holistic medicine is ideal for those who do not find relief with conventional medical practices. Also, it follows a more natural treatment approach and addresses the mind, body, and spirit during one all-encompassing treatment.

It focuses on prevention as a reliable healthcare procedure and views the body as a network of interconnected systems. Holistic medicine addresses the underlying causes responsible for your disorder rather than alleviating the symptoms.

What is a holistic doctor?

A holistic doctor is a healthcare expert who practices naturopathic medicine in Murray, UT. Some of the common types of Murray holistic doctors include:

  1. Osteopath - An osteopath is a licensed physician who uses osteopathic manipulative medicine to treat various health issues. Osteopathic medicine works by physically manipulating the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Integrative physician - These licensed medical practitioners use an integrative approach to healthcare and rely on a combination of conventional treatments and CAM.
  3. Naturopathic doctor - A Murray UT naturopathy doctor specializes in naturopathic medicine, which combines Western science, natural therapies, and holistic treatments to address various health conditions. Natural therapies work both as a primary treatment and a complementary healing approach.

Call 801-327-8700 to schedule an appointment with our holistic doctor in Murray, UT. As a leading treatment center for functional medicine, we at Wellness and Rehab Clinic improve the quality of lives of recovering addicts with our highest quality medical care.

Holistic Doctor Murray UT
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Holistic Doctor Murray UT
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Holistic Doctor Murray UT
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