chiropractor near Scottsdale

Chiropractor Near Scottsdale

Back pain is by far the most common physical complaint that leads Arizonans to seek relief from a chiropractor near Scottsdale. If your back hurts, you understand what a troubling condition it can be. That's why so many people in The Grand Canyon State believe in the healing power of chiropractic care.

The best way to prevent back pain is to stand, sit and lift with caution. When you sit at an office desk, be sure to do so in a chair that supports your lower back. When you lift a heavy object, bend your knees and lift with your leg muscles, not your back. These measures are not always enough, however, to fully eliminate spinal discomfort.

What happens when you visit our chiropractor near Scottsdale

If you've never before had a chiropractic consultation, you may be wondering what to expect the first time you visit Well Adjusted Chiropractic clinic. First, we'll show you around and explain what a chiropractor near Scottsdale can do for you. After that, you will enjoy a one-on-one visit with Dr. Brown. During your initial consultation, you may be requested to perform a few simple maneuvers such as bending forwards, backwards and sideways. These positions allow the doctor to note any misalignment of your backbone. Certain orthopedic tests may be done in order to determine the precise components of your back pain.

The doctor may ask you to perform a grip strength test that may reveal nerve damage or muscle problems. A gait analysis may be performed by which the doctor can see if your walking is affected by your spinal condition. Balance and pelvic alignment can also be observed during a gait analysis test. None of the aforementioned tests or evaluations are painful. If you are in pain when you get here, a clinician will be sure to make you feel as comfortable as possible during evaluation and treatments.

Thermographic assessment

In use by chiropractors near Scottsdale and everywhere since the early 20th century, thermographic assessment scans skin temperature to reveal much about the state of ones health. According to experts at Johns Hopkins University, thermographic assessment may be used to evaluate sympathetic nerve function as well as spinal asymmetry and dysfunction.

Surface Electromyography

Known as Insight sEMG, this technology is not unlike the technology that is used in heart rate measurement devices. One basic difference between the two technologies is that the sensors in an Insight sEMG machine are exponentially more sensitive. Superior sensors are required due to the fact that back muscles generate far less natural electricity than the heart. Insight sEMG allows a chiropractor near Scottsdale to establish a baseline status and note any changes that follow. Insight sEMG is a powerful tool that helps the doctor formulate a treatment plan that suits the individual patient.

If your back hurts right now, give Well Adjusted Chiropractic a call at 480.424.5606 and set up an appointment to meet with a skilled chiropractor near Scottsdale. We've helped a lot of good people get rid of bad back pain, and we can help you, too.

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chiropractor near Scottsdale In many facets of life, it's the simple things that we often overlook, and it's these simple things that can make the most difference in our quality of life. Well Adjusted Chiropractic is Phoenix's most esteemed chiropractor near Scottsdale, helping individuals obtain a healthier and more satisfying existence. When's the last time you've visited a professional chiropractor? It's amazing what just one ...

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chiropractor near Scottsdale
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