Brain mapping Houston

Brain mapping Houston

It is important to properly diagnose problems such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, OCD, depression, PTSD and insomnia. Once properly diagnosed, the best type of treatment can be rendered. All too often, some of these issues are diagnosed simply by reviewing the patient’s symptoms. While that is one piece of the puzzle, there is more that can be done. Brain mapping in Houston is a necessary step in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

What is Brain Mapping in Houston?

Brain mapping is a neurofeedback diagnostic tool that measures electrical activity, EEG, of the brain. Brain mapping in Houston is a non-invasive process that allows clinicians to gather data from the brain. To perform brain mapping, the person wears a cap that has multiple sensors that detect electrical activity in the brain.

Brain mapping in Houston gathers 3 to 5 minutes of data both with the eyes open and with the eyes closed. A complete brain map consists of about 35 pages that include various frequency assessments of the brain. The information is then evaluated and it is stored for future reference.

The second visit for brain mapping is a meeting to learn the evaluation of the information that was gathered. This 90-minute consultation will provide a complete overview of the findings of brain mapping as well as results of auditory and visual testing that was completed as part of the tests.

Brain mapping can be helpful in locating problem areas of the brain. It can pinpoint areas that are not functioning optimally and can corroborate traditional diagnoses. This information can be utilized to reset and retrain the brain using treatment protocols that improve the brain’s own ability to heal itself.

Treatment without Medication

Many common problems have been traditionally treated using medications. However, taking medications only treats the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the problem. Those who have taken medications for their disorders often note that their symptoms returned when they stopped taking medications.

The goal is to find and treat the underlying condition, not just the symptoms. Some patients suffer side effects from medications and in some cases, the long-term impact of taking some types of medications is not known.

Our medication management programs are designed to reduce the dosage of medication that you are taking while providing care and treatment of the initial ailment. Our medication management programs must be supervised by a licensed medical doctor.

Your health depends on brain health. We use the latest tools and diagnostic analysis to determine the best and most useful treatments based on a thorough evaluation. A treatment plan is created based not only on the results of brain mapping in Houston but also using the analysis of a variety of tests and diagnostic methods such as laboratory tests, health assessment, neurofeedback, Nexalin advanced technology and nutritional analysis.

Treatments may include a variety of options which are determined on a case-by-case basis. Supplements, enzymes, nutrition, therapy, and counseling along with other options may all be part of the recommended treatment.


Brain mapping Houston

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Brain mapping Houston
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