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Auto Accident Injury Miami Florida

Auto Accident Injury Miami Florida
Don’t wait until your injuries get worse- call the auto accident injury Chiropractic Physician in Miami, Florida. If you’ve been in an auto accident in the state of Florida, you have only a short amount of time to seek medical attention for your injuries before you forfeit all claims to receiving compensation for medical injuries. Dr. Keren Gomez is waiting to see you. Her practice provides the following treatment options:
- Therapeutic Massage: If you're suffering with an auto accident injury in the Miami, Florida area, you may need therapeutic massage for relief of pain, stress reduction or to work on a particular injury that you've sustained. Therapeutic massage can help to manage pain in patients who are dealing with chronic pain or whiplash from an accident.
- Cold Laser: Dr. Keren Gomez uses cold laser therapy as a treatment option for some patients. The cold laser uses specific wavelengths of light on injured tissue and is recognized as a therapy to accelerate healing. Cold laser therapy can manage pain and swelling while increasing mobility. For patients who are dealing with an auto accident injury in Miami, Florida, cold laser therapy is often the best solution.
- Therapeutic Ultrasound: This treatment has been available for many years, yet science is just now beginning to understand the real benefits that it provides to patients. Therapeutic ultrasound can reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, even promoting bone fracture healing and tissue relaxation through improved local blood flow. For patients who have an auto accident injury in the Miami, Florida area, this treatment option is sometimes used.
- Medical Traction: Medical traction can bring relief to patients dealing with neck or back pain. Traction can be used to treat pinched nerves, tightness in the neck and back and sometimes headaches. Taking some of the pressure off of painful areas with medical traction can provide relief from the pain and can often help a disc to slip back into place.
- Moist Heat Ice: Applying moist heat or ice to an injury can provide relief from pain, reduction in swelling and inflammation and many other benefits. 
- And many other treatment options as well!
Chiropractic treatment is based on the alignment and manipulation of the spine. This contributes to the relief of muscular, back or neck pain. The primary purpose of the treatment is to relieve the pressure from the spinal nerves, to allow a natural and healthier recovery, providing more strength to the muscles and ligaments. The pressure from the nerve is removed, through the manual alignment and manipulation of the spine. The adjustment involves exerting a particular force in the spinal vertebrates that are not correctly aligned.
Dr. Keren Gomez treats many auto accident injury patients in her Miami, Florida clinic. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you don’t have any time to lose. If you wait, you could lose your rights to receive just compensation for your injuries, even if they are due to someone else’s negligence. Call the office of Dr. Keren Gomez today at 305-761-6528 to make an appointment. 
Auto Accident Injury Miami Florida
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Auto Accident Injury Miami Florida
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Auto Accident Injury Miami Florida
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