Anil Kesani MD Spine Surgeon

When a person becomes a patient of Dr. Anil Kesani and his team of spinal experts at Spine MD, that person becomes family. Further, the families of our patients become family also. There's nothing that Dr. Anil Kesani and his team like to see more than the difference between talking to a patient and his or her family before surgery, while the patient is still suffering, and after the spine surgery when the patient is feeling better. This is when we finally get to know our patients because, when we first meet them, they are often in pain and scared, concerned about either themselves or their family.

Dr. Anil Kesani, MD, is a spine surgeon for Spine MD and provides excellent patient care from start to finish, including the leading aftercare treatment protocols in North TX. You know that you are in good hands when you or your loved one becomes a patient of Dr. Anil Kesani!

Why Choose Anil Kesani, MD to be Your Spine Surgeon?

When it comes to overall spine health, most people experience some degree of back pain at some point. Indeed, back pain is one of the most common health complaints in the world. The large majority of back pain is associated with a person's muscles and overall strength or conditioning. Therefore, we do a lot of health and core training to balance the spine and keep the back healthy.

The spine wears out over time; this is a natural process of aging, but it doesn't bother everyone the same way. This is why we spend a lot of time trying to educate our patients about how their spine has changed and will continue to change and how to take care of it the best way possible.

Since Dr. Anil Kesani MD is a spine surgeon/specialist, you can rely on him for an accurate diagnosis each time. With an accurate diagnosis, we can not only rule out serious health problems, but we can also then customize the best personal care plan for you possible. It's best if people who experience back problems don't wait too long to get an evaluation because even a slight curvature can be noticed early and fixed. A person's age and how they are growing, as well as how far their condition has progressed, is ultimately going to greatly determine treatment possibilities.

Dr. Anil Kesani is a Spine Surgeon Who Always Uses Surgery as a Last Option

At Spine MD, our staff works hard to keep people off of the surgery table. In fact, many of our new patients have come to us seeking second opinions after being told that surgery is the only option for them, and we've been able to keep them out of the surgery. Wouldn't it be pleasant to learn that you may never need surgery? Of course, many of our patients will need surgery, but it's good to know that we have a full suite of non-surgical treatment options under the best care available for spinal health in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Anil Kesani MD Spine Surgeon

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Anil Kesani MD Spine Surgeon
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