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Alcohol Treatment Beverly Hills

Alcohol Treatment Beverly Hills

Alcohol treatment in Beverly Hills is not just a luxury but a necessity for many in California. Nearly 28 million Americans suffer from addiction and 14.4 million deal with alcohol abuse. 90210 Recovery strives to provide quality care with the goal of getting you on top of your life.

How do I avoid recidivism?

Recidivism is the culmination of pressure without the ability to cope with your triggers. Struggling with your demons requires an approach that treats the entire person.

We treat everyone with care and dignity. You are more than a number or a customer at 90210 Recovery.

How do we approach alcohol treatment?

We approach treatment with a combination of therapy and choice. We gradually give patients the ability to thrive in the modern world.

The pressures of life are enormous. From our social circles to work, there are negative influences and triggers around every corner. Our counselors seek to help you build positive patterns. A Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist works with you instead of against you.

What are the consequences of my addiction?

Unfortunately, addiction is a damaging issue. Personally, alcohol abuse affects your liver, kidneys, brain, and blood pressure. Stroke, aneurisms, and diabetes are a common result of long-term abuse.

Abuse will lead to hospital fees and other issues. Death is a serious possibility if you wait for treatment for too long.

How does alcohol abuse effect my family and friends?

You are not the only victim in abuse. The people around you suffer as well. Family court, divorce, the result of increased irritability, and the expense of your crutch are a severe issue for those around you.

Even your coworkers suffer due to reduced productivity. Job loss due to tardiness is not uncommon in alcohol abuse.

What is the cost of addiction?

Addiction costs more than health. There are real monetary consequences for your actions. A case of beer costs up to $12. If you drink only three cases each week, the cost is up to $144 per month or over $1500 every year.

Over the years, this cost adds up. Rehabilitation is $5000 to $20000 upfront cost that can greatly change your life for the better. Cut the cost of addiction and reduce health and court costs down the road.

Post-treatment success

90210 Recovery strives to get you the treatment you need after leaving. We can help you find counseling and other help.

Family helps you cope with triggers but usually treat your symptoms as permanent. Outpatient care targets coping mechanisms to keep you working towards a better life.

Alcohol treatment in Beverly Hills

Alcohol treatment in Beverly Hills places you in control of your life. Develop the coping mechanisms and positive behaviors you need to thrive. Our counselors treat you with the care and respect you deserve.

Get on top of your demons today with targeted care. We help anyone with an addiction issue. Give us a call to schedule a tour at 844-462-8571 or visit our website for more information.

Alcohol Treatment Beverly Hills
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Alcohol Treatment Beverly Hills
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