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Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Anaheim

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Anaheim

Living with alcoholism daily is not easy and comes with severe health hazards over time. We invite you to Star Recovery Centers to join our alcohol inpatient treatment in Anaheim today! The sooner you start the rehab treatment, the easier it will be to overcome addiction and achieve sustainable sobriety over the years.

How to treat alcohol addiction safely

The only way to treat your addiction is in a high-profile rehab facility, under expert supervision for the treatment's entire duration. Joining the inpatient program is critical for all addicts, especially those struggling with severe addiction and life-altering withdrawal symptoms. The inpatient treatment provides the highest level of care and comes with unmatched long-term benefits. These include:

  • Promoting immediate recovery and long-term sobriety
  • Better results thanks to a more controlled and safer recovery environment
  • Access to detox and high-end medical and psychiatric services
  • Allows for a safer and more comfortable detox in a relaxing environment
  • Offers extensive therapeutic assistance
  • Incorporates recreational activities for spiritual rejuvenation
  • Allows patients to focus on sobriety, recovery, and healing full-time
  • Promotes a healthy daily living routine, etc.

The inpatient program is vital for sustainable recovery from addiction, especially when it comes to advanced alcoholism.

Self-treatment for alcoholism

We believe there's no notion more dangerous than that of self-treatment or self-detox when talking about drugs or alcohol addiction. Most addiction victims who attempt to self-treat their condition end up making things worse fast. Self-detox can cause a wide range of problems, including:

  • Unforeseen drug interactions
  • Severe dehydration
  • Dangerous side-effects
  • Overdoses
  • The risk of developing new addictions
  • Triggering or worsening mental problems, etc.

Best-case scenario, they will simply relapse, rendering all their efforts futile and discouraging them from attempting it again. Both these cases show that self-treatment has no redeeming qualities. To remain on the safe side and achieve fast and reliable results, we advise joining our alcohol inpatient treatment in Anaheim today.

Inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction

If you've decided to quit alcohol for good, we advise you to come to our center for assessment and diagnosis. It's vital to have an expert analyze your situation and diagnose your condition comprehensively. Your health status may be more destabilized than you think, putting you at grave risks over time. We perform an in-depth clinical diagnosis to check your current health status, analyze your medical history, and diagnose potential co-occurring disorders to create customized rehab plans.

The inpatient treatment represents the first stage in dealing with your substance addiction and can last between 30 to 90 days, depending on your addiction's advancement and your overall progress. Following the alcohol inpatient treatment in Anaheim, you can join the outpatient program and follow that with long-term aftercare services for sustainable sobriety via counseling, guidance, and peer support.

If you need information about our inpatient rehab services, contact our team of counselors at Star Recovery Centers! We offer high-end recovery treatments, professional medical assistance, and a safe, calm, and serene environment for recovery and healing. Begin your rehab at our facility today, and you can't go wrong!

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Anaheim

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Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Anaheim
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